Gastric ulcer: A common disease in the digestive system

Gastric ulcer: A common disease in the digestive system

Gastric ulcer is not a rare disease in today's time. The disease can appear in both adolescents and adults, so people cannot be subjective to this disease. 

What is a stomach ulcer?

Peptic ulcers are lesions that cause inflammation and ulcers on the lining of the stomach. These injuries occur when the last protective lining of the stomach is worn away, exposing the underlying tissue.

In the absence of timely detection and treatment, peptic ulcer disease can cause gastrointestinal bleeding complications if the ulcer is large, life-threatening.

Peptic ulcer is an ulcerative lesion in the lining of the stomach
Peptic ulcer is an ulcerative lesion in the lining of the stomach

Causes of stomach ulcers 

Peptic ulcer disease occurs when there is an imbalance between two factors: mucosal destruction (HCl and Pepsin in gastric juice helps digest food) and protection (mucus, HCO3 and stomach lining). thick). There are many contributing factors to this imbalance, including:

  • Nervous stress.
  • Helicobacter pylori (Hp.
  • Improper diet.
  • Use a lot of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Alcohol, tobacco and stimulants

Symptoms of stomach ulcers

Symptoms of a stomach ulcer depend on the severity of the ulcer. There are many cases of stomach ulcers that are asymptomatic or have no obvious symptoms.

The most common symptom of a peptic ulcer is a burning sensation or pain in the abdomen between the chest and navel. Usually, the pain is worse on an empty stomach, especially at night, it can last a few minutes to several hours. Some other common symptoms are:

  • Abdominal pain, indigestion, nausea.
  • Ợ gas, heartburn and burning.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Dull, sharp or intermittent pain.
  • Digestive disorders causing constipation or diarrhea.
  • Insomnia due to a feeling of fullness or pain in the stomach at night.
  • Fatigue, weakness. Loss of weight, pale skin.
  • Anorexia, after eating, you may feel nauseous…
Epigastric pain is the most common symptom of peptic ulcer
Epigastric pain is the most common symptom of peptic ulcer

Measures to treat stomach ulcers

Gastric ulcer disease detected and treated early will have good progress. If the disease is severe and progresses to chronic, it will make treatment difficult and prolonged. And thorough treatment of stomach ulcers also helps to avoid complications of gastrointestinal bleeding and stomach cancer, both dangerous complications that can cause death. When symptoms appear, the patient should see a doctor for effective treatment.

  • Stop or limit pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs to stabilize the enzymes in the gastric mucosal protective system.
  • Use drugs to protect mucous membranes, drugs to treat HP bacteria.
  • Eating in moderation, right meals, science, limiting alcohol, spicy foods to help the stomach work healthy will protect the stomach better.
  • In addition, regular exercise, scientific work, and avoiding anxiety and stress regulate mucosal activity for better treatment.
  • Use natural herbal products

Gaskul health protection food

Gaskul high-tech oral tablet with ingredients that protect the stomach lining, help reduce peptic ulcers such as Cordyceps, Nano Curcumin, honey and Immunecanmix. Gaskul health food helps to relieve hot pain in the epigastrium, belching, belching, and protects the stomach lining.

Supports the protection of the gastric mucosa
Supports the protection of the gastric mucosa


In 1 capsule:

Green tea extract 200 mg

Nano curcumin 150 mg

Honey 50 mg

Immunecanmix 50 mg

1. High tea rope

According to Oriental medicine, passion fruit tea has a sweet, bitter taste, cool properties, and has a good effect on stomach diseases such as stomach pain, stomach ulcers, etc. In addition, passion fruit tea also effectively cures insomnia thanks to its beneficial effects. sedative use.

According to scientific research, in passion fruit tea contains flavonoids, which can help reduce stomach pain and eliminate the pathogenic strain of HP bacteria. Not only that, the ingredients in passion fruit tea also proved to be effective in supporting the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory tract such as tonsillitis, acute bronchitis, pharyngitis, intestinal infections, etc.

Using string tea to treat stomach pain has long been confirmed to be effective. Tea can be used to help repel the following diseases:

- Stomach infection

According to statistics, up to 90% patients with chronic gastritis are caused by HP infection. Many studies have shown that green tea contains active ingredients that help eliminate this strain of bacteria. From there, they gradually die and are soon excreted out of the stomach and at the same time, good support for the restoration of the function of the stomach.

- Peptic ulcer disease

Passion fruit tea is a herb with high medicinal properties, containing a large amount of flavonoid active ingredients that have the effect of healing scars, cutting the source of pain and healing ulcers quickly. Clinical experiments also show that passion fruit tea has the ability to support bactericidal, antiseptic, and reduce acid levels in the stomach. When using passion fruit tea in combination with specific drugs to treat peptic ulcers, the treatment time is significantly shortened.

- Gastroesophageal reflux

Green tea is also commonly used to control gastroesophageal reflux and improve the functioning of the digestive system. Thanks to the effect of neutralizing the amount of acid in the stomach, minimizing the amount of excess acid, passion fruit tea can significantly improve symptoms such as heartburn, heartburn, abdominal pain caused by excess acid secreted by gastric juice.

Although it has high medicinal properties, it is completely non-toxic, so it can be used in combination with specific drugs without causing side effects. Not only that, using rope tea also helps patients to have a comfortable spirit, sleep better so that the body also recovers better.

2. Nano Curcumin

Currently, Nano Curcumin is applied to repel foreign cells, Nano Curcumin does not pose any danger to benign cells. At the same time, curcumin also enhances the body's immunity, inhibits the growth of inflammatory components such as NF-kB, IL1, TNF, etc.

Nano Curcumin is a high-tech dosage form of yellow turmeric essence, applying Nano technology to form micro-sized particles. The solubility of Nano Curcumin is 7,500 times higher than that of regular turmeric. 40 times more effective than turmeric. Does not cause many unwanted effects, does not have drug resistance.

Nano form: superior absorption and effect compared to turmeric.

3. Honey

Honey has extremely good antibacterial properties, supporting the destruction of bacteria, killing harmful fungi extremely strongly and increasing the body's resistance. Honey contains the protein defensin-1, which is an extremely powerful shield against many different types of serious disease-causing bacteria. Turmeric kills cancer-causing cells, honey creates a protective barrier from bacterial invasion.

When combining honey with turmeric essence (curcumin), the effect is superior.

4. Immunecanmix

The immunecanmix ingredient is a combination of trillions of microscopic cell walls (peptidoglycan) of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus bacteria and Betaglucan 1,3/1.6 cell walls of yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Create a mixture of essential amino acids for the body, help strengthen resistance, regenerate damaged intestinal mucosa and help balance intestinal bacteria.

User object

People with peptic ulcer disease have symptoms such as: burping; heartburn; epigastric pain; and peptic ulcer.


Adults and children over 12 years old: Take 2-3 tablets/time x 2-3 times/day.

Children between 6 and 12 years old: take 1-2 capsule(s) each time× 2 - 3 times daily.

Drink 30 minutes before or after eating. Use each batch for 2-3 months.



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